Stoves SE60MFPTi Freestanding Electric Cooker





The Stoves SE60MFPTi Freestanding Electric Cooker will provide a functional cooking option for your kitchen. Designed and made in Great Britain an ‘A’ energy efficiency rating for each oven, this cooker will help you save money on your future power bills. Flexible cooking This cooker features two ovens, the larger bottom cavity has a 61 litre capacity while the secondary top oven has a 37 litre capacity. The main multifunction oven features 9 cooking functions, including fan, conventional, grill, top heat, pizza function, defrost, intensive, base heat and base heat with fan. Powerful induction hob The four-zone touch control induction hob will make cooking a breeze. By heating the pan rather than the hob, this cooker gives a smarter, faster, safer and more precise way to cook. You also have the option of power boost which draws additional power when required – perfect for wok cooking. The hob will not function unless a suitable pan is placed on the zone and if left unattended for a long period all zones will automatically turn off. Convenient to use Thanks to a fully programmable clock and timer your dinner can be ready for you when you come home from work – simply set the timer and the oven will come on and go off at the set times. A halogen flood light illuminates the oven interior so you can see clearly through the viewing window without having to open the oven door, while providing a more energy efficient alternative to a standard lightbulb.

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